Thursday, March 16, 2006

Are You A Sinner?

Many of today's leading Christian writers and TV personalities, such as Joyce Meyer and Neil Anderson, maintain that we are not sinners anymore. Reformer Martin Luther disagreed and warned of the danger in this kind of thinking. In commenting on Romans 7 he wrote,

"Now notice what I said above, that the saints at the same time as they are righteous are also sinners; righteous because they believe in Christ, whose righteousness covers them and is imputed to them, but sinners because they do not fulfill the Law, are not without concupiscence, and are like sick men under the care of a physician; they are sick in fact but healthy in hope and in the fact that they are beginning to be healthy, that is, they are 'being healed.' They are people for whom the worst possible thing is the presumption that they are healthy, because they suffer a worse relapse." (Martin Luther, Vol. 25: Luther's Works, Lectures on Romans, Concordia Publishing House.)


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