Friday, February 03, 2006

Christians Rioting Over Britney Spears Role!!!

(HHN) Washington, Feb. 3, 2006 - Around the world today Christians are rioting over the upcoming portrayal of a Christian conservative by singer Britney Spears on a TV episode of Will and Grace. In London thousands converged on the British parliament burning U.S. flags and demanding that Tony Blair condemn the U.S. for allowing the show to air. In Los Angeles Christians converged on NBC, breaking windows and setting fire to cars in the neighborhood.

Evangelist Billy Graham came out of retirement today long enough to appear on Fox News and urge Christians everywhere to use any means necessary, violent or otherwise, to stop the broadcast of this show. He told Bill O'Reilly "As Christians we are Christ's representatives on earth, and so to insult us is to insult Christ. NBC considers the portrayal of Britney Spears as a Christian just a sport to mock Christianity and Christians."

Tonight President George Bush will make a speech urging calm across the nation and around the world. In the meantime, all non-Christians are urged to use caution when travelling in heavily Christian parts of the U.S. such as the South and to remove any Darwin Fish symbols from their vehicles.

  • Now we know why it's okay to bash Christianity and Christians but not Islam and Muslims. See related story.


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