Thursday, January 12, 2006

The U.S. Government Listens to Kim Clement?

On the January 11th Praise the Lord program on the Trinity Broadcasting Network "prophet" Kim Clement made this astounding statement:

Kim Clement: When all of these different prophetic words came to pass and I gave the word about the president and saw him and prophesied about the hurricanes, eventually the government of the United States sought after the prophetic voice – I can only say so much – but I found something unusual happened. They’d say, “Whatever you get, we have a department now that will take what you get. If there’s validity to it, if there’s any truth to it, or facts, we will follow it up and we will research it for you.” Now, this is just the government. So these are not a whole bunch of believers. And what I found happening to me was, when I’d get something – and I’ve gotten a number of things which I’m not allowed to share, but what God has shown me – and I’ve said to them, and I get responses saying “Okay, we did research on this, we did research on that, we’ve found this to be true.” And what I’ve found was they were saying “Okay, we have found something right so we can give you some credibility, not found something wrong so we can discredit you.” Which is the opposite to, I’ve seen in religion they’ll look for something to discredit you –

Lori Crouch: Just to stone you.

Kim Clement: Yeah. - as opposed to, “let’s assume, forget about any mistakes, let’s search for what God is saying here,” And when they did, when that started happening to me, more came out of me because they were doing something I am totally capable of doing, and they took that upon themselves, and what happened, it opened up a fountain to where I was getting more visions and more stuff taking place.

So the US government is now taking Kim Clement seriously? Somehow I doubt it, but if so I wonder if maybe it's a new version of Project Blue Book, which was a one-man government operation set up to investigate UFOs in the 1950s!

To listen to him it would also appear that those who expose false prophets are actually hindering his reception of prophetic words from God. No wonder he's been giving false prophecies!!! Sorry, Kim, I'll try to cut back.


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