Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Clement Responds

Kim Clement has responded to the late posting of his prophecy on the earthquake in the Middle East. This is my reaction:
  1. Neither the transcript nor the audio were available online until after the earthquake.
  2. Wouldn't the responsible thing to do if you knew a disaster was coming, like Katrina or earthquakes in India, be to notify the public immediately? Even if they didn't listen, after a few accurate forecasts I think people would sit up and take notice.
  3. Likewise, if Clement "saw" a terrorist act coming, wouldn't he be irresponsible if he kept it secret until after the event? In fact, he could be criminally responsible for not reporting a terrist act he knew was coming!
  4. The Elijah List didn't mention this prophecy until after the fact either.
  5. By the way, he has also said recently he knows who the next president will be, but I don't think we'll be seeing Clement announce his/her name until after the election (or close to the election if the polls indicate a sweeping victory.)
  6. Can anyone think of a biblical prophet who announced his prophecies AFTER the fact to the public???


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