Tuesday, September 20, 2005

On the September 13th broadcast of Issues, Etc. National Association of Evangelicals leader Ted Haggard made this astute observation:

Ted Haggard: I pastor a church of 11-12,000 people and unfortunately there have probably been 30 people in our visitor's meeting that have asked to see the doctrinal position of our church.

Todd Wilken: What does that tell you, Pastor Haggard?

Ted Haggard: It means that people choose their church based on how it feels, not based on what it believes, which means we're incredibly vulnerable.

Todd Wilken: To what?

Ted Haggard: Oh, to heresy.

Haggard then goes on to ruin an otherwise correct observation:

Ted Haggard: It means people would - Joel Osteen, he does have pretty good theology but people don't go to Joel's church because of his theology predominantly. And it's the largest church in America. So that's something to be discussed.

This is the same Joel Osteen who won't preach the Law, but will preach the "gospel of self-esteem," the Word Faith theology of his father, John Osteen, will tell you that God wants to give you preferential treatment, that we need to be careful what we say because our words can become self-fulfilling prophecies since our words have power, and will teach that Jesus had to go to hell to pay for our sins. And Osteen has "pretty good theology"???


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