Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Killing of Terri Schiavo

So countless liberal judges have decided Terri doesn't have a right to live. Remember, she ISN'T on life support, her life wasn't in danger (until her husband came along) - she was simply being given the basics of life, food and water!

So what's next? How about this scenario:"Fireman George," who grew up wanting to be nothing but a fireman, gets his wish and becomes a very successful one. One day he writes a living will saying that should he ever be in an accident and his arms and legs become paralyzed, life wouldn't be worth living. His wish is to be taken off his feeding tube and allowed to starve to death. Should we honor this wish???

Are we now in the business of assisting suicides because someone's perceived quality of life is such that they don't want to live?


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