Thursday, December 02, 2004

Oral Roberts' Failing Theology

On August 16, 2004, on Benny Hinn's show "This Is Your Day" Oral Roberts made the following statement:

"Jesus of Nazareth wants to heal you, He wants to prosper you, He wants to do good to you, He wants to make you happy, whole and normal. If you believe it say 'Amen'"

This clip is a video statement made by Oral Roberts back in his early days. Benny Hinn showed this old clip immediately after an 86 year old Roberts gave a message at a Benny Hinn crusade in Anaheim this year. Before giving his message Roberts walked out to the platform flanked by two assistants holding him and Roberts had to give his message while sitting in a chair. It was obvious Oral Roberts had some medical problems that come with age.

Did he not have enough faith to be healed, does Jesus stop healing once you get to a certain age, or is Roberts' "Jesus of Nazareth wants to heal you" message bogus?


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