Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More From Joni

When asked on December 7th's Bible Answer Man show what she would say to those who would hold that if she had enough faith she could get up out of that wheelchair, she replied:

"Well, I believe that that is up to my heavenly Father's overarching decree and perfect plan in my life. Romans 12 says that God's plan in my life is good and acceptible and perfect. God wants me to want Him desperately and I'm grateful that He's given me the gift of this wheelchair in which I can be daily and constantly reminded to do just that. Maybe the really handicapped people are those who cruise through life and forget and are ignorant of their blessings, who don't need God so desperately and thereby live life on automatic cruise-control. They are winning no eternal reward. They do not enjoy the closeness and sweetness and fragrance of union and intimacy with the Savior that sometimes I do, and for that I am deeply grateful for this wheelchair. If I was healed now it would be great for a while, but a year from now I might be planning a ski trip and driving a new car with my hands and feet, and maybe I would have forgotten about such a miraculous blessing and I wouldn't need God as desperately as I do now."


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