Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Lack of Pride Is a Sin - Robert Schuller

Robert Schuller, Sr.: The motive of why He came in a child? Because His ultimate purpose in coming in the incarnation was to bring dignity back to the human family. We lost our dignity when Adam walked out of the Garden of Eden and his chevrons of power were removed. He walked out of the Garden of Eden, a nobody, when he was a somebody. The great loss and the great sin is the loss of healthy human pride in his place shame, disgrace. We live in sin in this world, you know it when you see shame instead of honor. So he came as a baby in a manger with smells, why? To bring dignity to the child, to bring dignity to the poor, to bring dignity to the oppressed, to bring dignity to the marginalized and to the have nots.

  • No, the reason God came was to save us from our sins, not to give us dignity
  • Sin is anything that offends God, and pride is one of those offenses
  • For Schuller, "sin" is a four-letter word


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