Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lakeland Revival May Be Of God!

I may have to repent of condemning Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival. J. Lee Grady writes today:

In China, They Beat Christians With Crowbars

The Summer Olympic Games will focus a needed spotlight on the Chinese government’s abusive treatment of believers.

....When I met with a group of 80 underground church leaders seven years ago in a secret conference near Guangzhou, I discovered that all of them had been jailed at least three times each. Many had been beaten with iron crowbars while others had been shocked with electric cattle prods in an effort to gain information about secret church groups.
In China Christians are beaten with crowbars - at Lakeland Christians are kicked in the stomach. Of course, one is done by those who hate Christianity and the other is done by a "Christian pastor," but why quibble? Maybe this proves it's a move of God!

Note to Bentley supporters: Check out the two videos in my previous post and tell me which one is a move of God - and please don't try and say that both are!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rick Joyner and the Church of Altered States

I saw this firsthand in Toronto 14 years ago. I guess if you wait a decade you can get a new group of unsuspecting and gullible Christians being sucked into the realm of the cults.

Now, contrast that with this video below of what appears to be a genuine revival in China. Which revival is of God?


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Multiplying of the Chickens! Marilyn Hickey

You're not going to believe this: Marilyn Hickey - remember her? - has apparently duplicated one of Jesus' best known miracles, the multiplying of the loaves and fish- I mean, chickens. According to Charisma:

‘Loaves and Fishes’ Miracle Reported in Egypt
More than 2,000 boxed-lunches inexplicably turned up at a pastors’ conference in Cairo, according to Marilyn Hickey Ministries.

[07.29.08] Bible teacher and evangelist Marilyn Hickey’s recent 10-day trip to Cairo, Egypt—described by organizers afterward as the largest gathering of Christians to ever assemble in the ancient city— included a report of something more astounding than the several hundred who claimed healing and salvation: 2,400 meals from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) apparently appeared out of thin air.

The reported incident, which if true is a miracle nearly unheard of in modern times, occurred during Hickey’s citywide leaders conference in May, attended by nearly 10,000 pastors and local leaders—from curious Muslims to orthodox Coptic Christians.

According to Hickey, 77, whose ministry organized the meetings in conjunction with the Egyptian Evangelical Association, 3,500 boxed-lunches from KFC were ordered and accounted for. “There were tickets distributed for the lunches,” she said. “The boxes were given out, leaving none in the room.”

After the food was completely distributed, and after the crowd swelled to about 5,000, she said volunteers were astonished to return to what should’ve been a room of empty tables to discover 1,200 more lunches. She said after they handed out the mysterious extras, another 1,200 appeared, leaving a surplus of food and dumbfounded witnesses. Hickey’s staff called it a “loaves and fishes” miracle.

“I am fully convinced that this was a supernatural occurrence,” Hickey told Charisma.

“It is something I have believed to see on my ministry and am overjoyed that it happened.”
I hope she realizes that
  1. God violated some legalities regarding duplicating KFC's secret ingredients in order to perform this miracle!
  2. God didn't make very efficient use of His time - why not just materialize all 2400 boxes at once instead of 1200 at a time?
  3. I don't think God provided them with a very healthy meal either!

This "miracle" is briefly mentioned at the 3 minute 20 second mark of the video report from her ministry, below:


Friday, July 25, 2008

Man Sees Out of Glass Eye - Amputated Legs Growing

Here is video of a man who claims his amputated legs are growing and that he can see out of a glass eye. Now, WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? Shouldn't he be on national TV providing medical evidence of having a glass eye that he can see out of and, by now, two fully-restored legs?

Since posting the video this morning one of two copies have been removed from YouTube. This version appears to be the only one left.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Disaster to Befall Europe!

Todd Bentley is about to pull up stakes and take his road trip to Europe. Excerpt:

Revival Evangelist to Fold His Lakeland Tent

Published: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 at 6:01 a.m.

LAKELAND | Evangelist Todd Bentley, whose unorthodox appearance and methods have attracted worldwide attention, will leave the long-running revival he has led here, it was announced Monday, although the local pastor who brought Bentley to Lakeland vows the revival will continue.

Bentley's last day leading the Florida Outpouring revival will be Aug. 23, said Lynne Breidenbach, revival spokesperson. The enormous white tents on the grounds of Sun n' Fun Fly-in, where the revival has been held since early June, will be taken down after that night's service.

...After leaving the Florida Outpouring, Bentley will conduct revivals overseas, including in the United Kingdom and Sudan, according to his ministry's Web site.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Todd Bentley - Angel for KIDS

What is this doing to the kids at Lakeland?

Rick Joyner - Look Out For Those Religious Folks!

Once again, Rick Joyner is warning people about those who would oppose what's going on in places like Lakeland and Morningstar:

Rick Joyner:
"The History and Future of the Present Revival - Tighten Your Seatbelts. We Are in For the Ride of Our Lives!"

A revival atmosphere is usually a combination of the presence of the Lord and a lot of energy from people. This is right for the revival, but we must recognize that human excitement can be contagious too. It is great to see Christians excited again, but this excitement must translate into us being obedient to the will of God in our lives.

...That being said, we are presently in a time of revival, and it is just beginning. We are still a long way from even seeing the peak of this revival. Some prophetic words have come from those I consider trustworthy that this revival will last for three years.

...It is hard to be encouraged if you are sick or oppressed by the devil with some affliction. That is why the emphasis on healing, miracles, and deliverance for the Church is so crucial at this time. In due time, the Church should be healed and we can move on, and those who were healed should be healers for the lost.

...The last trumpet or message of God in the Book of Revelation is "our God reigns" (see Revelation 19:6), or the Gospel of the Kingdom. That Gospel has not been preached since the first century, and it must be preached throughout the world before the Lord will come. The Church is being prepared to preach that Gospel and to do it from a position of living in the power of the Kingdom. We are being prepared to prepare the way for the Lord.

....In a general timing, we can expect most of the Church to be in stage 1, reviving and waking up the Church, getting her healed from her wounds and afflictions for about three years. Then there will likely be a transition time between the stages where stage 2 starts to burn more and stage 1 fades out, at least as far as being the main emphasis of the Church. Even so, stage 1 imparted healing, miracles, deliverance, and faith in God for great things and will continue to be an integral and major part of Church life from now on.

All that is accomplished by stage 1 will continue on into orbit as a basic part of the vehicle. However, what we are now calling revival and what is causing revival will be normal Church life. Miracles far beyond what we are seeing now are going to be commonplace.

....As we are told in Hebrews 12, everything that can be shaken will, so what is from God will remain. We can be sure that everything that is from God will survive the shaking.

Using the metaphor of being launched like a rocket, this move of God has barely left the launch pad and has a long way to go before stage 1 is finished. The shaking will likely get much more violent and remain that way through the stage 1. It will lessen some after the main booster has completed its burn, but it will not be over until we are finally in the assigned orbit.

A lot of the shaking will come from persecution, most of which will come from religious people. Historically, the worst persecution of emerging moves of God came from the leaders of the previous moves of God. This great tragedy has undoubtedly nullified much of the fruit accomplished by these leaders and even helped prepare for the coming move that they persecute. This tragedy has rarely been avoided because pride comes before a fall, and those who get used in great ways have rarely been able to escape the most deadly trap of pride, which is easily salted with jealousy.

We are told that it was because of envy that Jesus was crucified (see Mark 15:10), and this is still true. As we do to the least of His people, we are doing it to Him. As we persecute or resist even the least of His messengers, we are doing it to Him.

Talk about a warning! If we dare criticize what is going on, we are the "religious people" and are, in fact, persecuting Jesus! This kind of talk sure sounds cultic to me!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bentley's Vacation Is Over

It would appear that Todd Bentley's vacation - which began immediately after the Nightline report on his ministry - is over. He will be speaking today in Louisville, Kentucky at the Evangel World Prayer Center. Additionally, God TV is saying "After taking a short break to rest and be refreshed after nearly 100 days of back-to-back ministry, Todd Bentley has announced he will be back ministering at the Lakeland Outpouring from Friday this week":

Todd Bentley will be at all
services at both locations!

July 17, 2008


12 Noon
6900 Billtown Road
Doors open at 11:00am
No Child Care Provided

Refreshments available


6:30 pm
Doors open at 5:30 pm


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bob Larson - It's ALL About the Money

Yesterday I got this inspiring e-mail message from that well-known exorcist, Bob Larson:

Are you depressed?

Lacking direction in life?

Feeling compelled to do things you don't want to do?

Wondering why you lack the success you deserve?

You can schedule PERSONAL TIME with


JULY 18, 2008! Let Bob personally pray

with you while he's in town. This is your time

for a one-on-one meeting with Pastor Bob.

To arrange for your SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTER

with Pastor Bob, email

or call 303-980-1511

This is your opportunity for spiritual freedom!

At last, I could meet with Bob and get some prayer and direction for my life! Naturally I quickly replied to arrange a meeting. I received this reply:

The cost is $500 - Please call 303-980-1511 for details.
What a bargain! I can meet with Jesus any time for free, or go one better and meet with Bob Larson for $500! Needless to say, I can't pass up this opportunity.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Todd Bentley - Praying in the Name of BAM Boomba!

Undoubtedly unintentional, but praying in the name of BAM Boomba? That explains a lot!!!


Monday, July 07, 2008

Traditional Lutheranism

Believer Bitter Over 'Prosperity' Preachings

A rarity - CNN reporting a story about someone hurt by the Word Faith Movement.

The message flickered into Cindy Fleenor's living room each night: Be faithful in how you live and how you give, the television preachers said, and God will shower you with material riches.

And so the 53-year-old accountant from the Tampa, Florida, area pledged $500 a year to Joyce Meyer, the evangelist whose frank talk about recovering from childhood sexual abuse was so inspirational. She wrote checks to flamboyant faith healer Benny Hinn and a local preacher-made-good, Paula White.
Click Here for the rest of the story. Unfortunately, Brian McLaren is quoted.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Che Ahn — He Must Decrease While Todd Bentley Increases

Watch the first two minutes of this clip in which Che Ahn says that he must decrease while Todd Bentley increases. Seems to me I've heard those words before somewhere. Che Ahn was involved in the Toronto Blessing back in the 90s.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Defending the Lakeland Revival

Elijah List prophet Chuck Pierce has written an article defending Todd Bentley's Lakeland revival. Also included is the text of the "commissioning" of Bentley by Peter Wagner. The content of this article is revealing. Chuck Pierce:

We have had several people write with great concerns about the current move of God that has been stirring in Lakeland, Atlanta, Dallas and other areas of our nation....We have made our way into Northern Nigeria....I love being here, even though the surroundings are not what I am normally accustomed to; the food is different, and well, yes, there are many different creatures. The main issue is this: in the midst of this environment, I am not afraid of being infected by malaria or getting dysentery because I am in a different land. The people here are some of the most gracious in all the world.

I see that some individuals view "moves of God" this way: they see all the dangers, they are afraid that they will have a demon transferred to them, they analyze every move and shake and scrutinize doctrinally everything that is happening. This may be the only way that some can process their relationship with the Lord and the Body of Christ.
Pierce seems to think he can compare living in a different land to a different form of Christianity and the implication is that just because he's not afraid of getting malaria we shouldn't be afraid of getting something by taking part in this "revival."

I'm willing to bet that he had shots for numerous diseases before he left the U.S. however! Likewise, we have the Word of God to protect us from diseases in the body of Christ. Since he criticizes those who "scrutinize doctrinally everything that is happening," I would think that Chuck Pierce would have been a strong critic two thousand years ago of the Bereans who tested everything Paul said with the Word of God.

Some have written asking me to reject Todd Bentley. Glory of Zion International does not have a philosophy or mindset to reject anyone. We watch, pray, and then try to communicate what the Lord is saying to help the overall Body of Christ advance.
Well, since you won't reject anyone then you can expect the wolves to mingle with the sheep, Chuck! Notice that there is no appeal whatsoever to the Word of God in his effort to see what God is saying.

Please know that we are living in an age where the apostolic gift in the Body has come into a new position and era of authority.
And how do you know this? A feeling? God spoke to you? How do you know He spoke to you? What is your standard for truth?

I was very excited to read Peter Wagner's report (below) on the commissioning service in Lakeland. I admire Ché Ahn, Bill Johnson, and John Arnott. I can now rest in the LORD, knowing that if things get out of sync, this team can help Todd make adjustments so the Spirit can keep moving.
This is like sending a pack of wolves in to mind the fox in the chicken house. I have to wonder HOW out of sync things would have to get for them to step in! Maybe if Bentley rejected these leaders as genuine apostles?

I have many friends who have great cautions over experiential manifestations and extra-Biblical, sensational happenings. I heed those friends' voices and listen carefully. This does not keep me from experiencing what God is doing. I love what Bishop Bill Hamon says, "Eat the meat and spit out the bones and you will find yourself nourished."
In other words, swallow everything these people feed you, heresy or otherwise, and reject what you don't like. Don't check it for truth first, just swallow the spiritual cyanide!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Joel Osteen - Mormons are Christians

I posted the text of this a while back, but here's the video. Volume is a little low.